Precise, function and compact -- SZX7 with Galilian optics

“A practical range of functions for observation and documentation in a compact stereo microscope body"

The best zoom ratio of the class
With a magnification range of 8x-56x (using 1x objective/10x eyepiece), the SZX7 offers a maximum zoom ratio of 7:1. This is the best in its class, and allows any given specimen to be observed at the most appropriate magnification.
The best resolving power in this class
Superior quality objectives deliver accurate, high resolution observation images which show every specimen in minute detail.

A range of objectives to suit every specimen and every application
• Superior image flatness:
The DFPlan objective series accurately reproduces the original shape of the specimen.
• Longest working distance (W.D.) in this class:
The objectives range from the SZX-ACH1x (90mm W.D.) to the DFPL0.5x (198mm W.D.). As a result, even specimen surfaces which are difficult to access can be observed easily.
• Ideal for high magnification:
Superior quality image is ensured up to 336x, by combining a 2x objective with 30x eyepieces.


“ComfortView” eyepieces for greater comfort and faster work
Quick, comfortable observation and documentation are ensured by this completely new eyepiece design featuring Pupil Aberration Control and Appropriate Positioning in the eye point.

Aperture diaphragm unit
Accurate color reproduction
The careful selection of lens surface coating and glass materials in the entire optical system make it possible to observe and document specimens in their original, authentic colors.

Tilting binocular head
Sharp, clear, high-contrast images
The low, suppressed field curvature ensures accurate reproduction of original specimen shapes.

30 degree trinocular head
/ SZX-TR30
SZX7 tubes:
• Aperture diaphragm unit / SZX-AS
• Beam splitter / SZX-BS
• Eyepoint adjuster / SZX-EPA
• Filter adapter / SZX-FAD
• Macro tube / SZX-DA
• Photo adapter / SZX-PHA
• Side by side discussion tube / SZX-SDO
• Coaxial reflected light illuminator / SZX-ILLC
Work more comfortably ... and more productivety
          The Olympus approach to ergonomic design seeks to achieve improvements that make work easier, more comfortable, and more productive, all at the same time. That means applying advanced technological methods to maximizing operability, reducing factors that contribute to operator fatigue, and building in effective safety features like ESD design.


OLYMPUS light solutions maximize visibility in difference tasks
Illumination Base System
LED illuminator stand / SZ2-ILST
Brightfield/darkfield transmitted light illuminator
High-level transmitted light illuminator / SZX-ILLB2
Transmitted illumination attachment / SZ2-ILA

Variety of fiber guide illumination systems are available.

Flexible light guide / SZ2-LGSF
Interlock dual light guide / SZ2-LGDI
Ring light guide / SZ2-LGR
Coaxial reflected light illuminator / SZ2-ILLC

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